a meeting or workspace with one of our devices

Quickly find a free meeting space and book it in two clicks

Automatic synchronization with the meeting room management tool and the corporate directory

Combining Wayfinding and Meeting Space Booking

Make energy savings by linking the management of the room to the technical management of the building


SignMeeting allows you to book meeting rooms from TAB10s tablet or from an SLATE106 e-paper screen near the front door, and also manages the display of rooms on the big screen with the orientation pictograms tanks to AMP300 or DMB400 media player.

SignMeeting is available for MS-Exchange 2007~2019, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Lotus Domino, and many other calendar software compliant with CalDav and iCal.

SignMeeting requires the installation of the Screen Composer software.

Consult and book rooms
Declare your presence and departure
Report anomalies in the meeting room
View multimedia content

Touch interactivity

Driving of LED bars available on screens
External light control

Free / Busy indicator

Wayfinding pictogramms


Embedded RFID reader
External RFID reader with keyboard emulation

Identification by badge

Using the Screen Composer tool that deliver with SignMeeting

Easy configuration

New display themes with the addition of CSS3 styles
Communication with IoT


Compliant with LDAP directories (MS-AD, etc.)
Compatible with many access control systems (Til Technologies, etc)
Compatible with Uniflow printing systems

User Directory

Modular Meeting Room Management

Modular Meeting Room Management

French, English, German, Spanish


Touchscreen dedicated to the meeting room entrance

SignMeeting, deployed on a TAB10s or SMT210 screen, allows you to search, book and display your meetings in a very intuitive way.
When there is no more scheduled meeting, a multimedia content may appear on the screen.
LED bars positioned on each side of the screen indicate the status of the room and help users identify available rooms at a glance. The built-in RFID card reader makes it easy to identify users for on-the-fly bookings, check-ins and check-outs.

Viewing on a big screen current or upcoming meetings

SignMeeting can be deployed to an AMP300 media player connected to a widescreen display in landscape or portrait mode for viewing meetings.

E-Paper display for meeting rooms or workspaces

SignMeeting, deployed on a SMH300 hub associated with SLATE106 screens, allows the display of occupancy information, the instantaneous booking of a resource as well as check-in and check-out.
The integrated RFID card reader makes it possible to identify users very quickly.

Smart Busy Light

SignMeeting, deployed on the SBL10e, indicates the occupancy status of the meeting room or office.